For some reason, I had the bonkers idea to sniff, sample and review as many perfumes as I can in 2010....

Sunday, 14 March 2010

a week in perfume (PICSPAM)

Ok, look, I KNOW what I'm doing here, I know I am overcompensating and that as a result I am a bit bonkers.

BPAL box as of Tuesday

That's a new box for my BPAL because the other one didn't have a lid on it and Faun and Matt kept knocking it off the shelf under the coffee table. As you can see, it's already quite full.

Samples box as of Tuesday. Included already owned Penhaligon's and Urban Decay and a few sprays.

Samples box on Wednesday...

Vintage, 6ml bottle of L'Air Du Temps, best bargain so far. (Also made me wish that MovieMom was still alive so she could tell me whether it was her or Grannie who wore this...)

Somebody asked me how many fragrances had been delivered this week. This is without doubles - 28 bottles, plus 18 BPAL imps. Yes, this is obsessive behaviour, have I mentioned that I know this already ;)

The BPAL box as of today..

The samples box as of today...

I have some Gaultier Madame, some Chanel no 5 Eau Premier and Salvador Dali Eau de Dali turning up in the next couple of days. After that I'm hitting the department stores for freebies. I think I've got enough here for the perfume blog for a while, yes?

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