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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Review - Miss Dior Cherie L'Eau (Christian Dior)

Originally posted on Dreamwidth on 11th January 2010

Top notes of Miss Dior Cherie L'Eau will refresh you with aromas of bitter orange, which are delicate, fruity, bitter-sweet and delicately spicy. A heart is ruled by gardenia, a vibrant, opulent, white flower, while a base incorporates white musk, leaving a cotton-powdery effect and a long lasting feeling of cleanliness and freshness on your skin in a very soft and gentle way.

ACK! This smells like fabric softener (possibly one of those poncey ones that try to make you believe gemstones have a smell).
Cloying back of the throat stuff. I get no orange at all from this, bitter or otherwise. Very strong gardenia and just washed and dried clothes smell. Which isn't terrible in itself but this seems to be one of the those perfumes for people who don't like perfume.


Fruity, bittersweet and spicy? WHERE? Either the copywriter or the perfumier was on crack. Its supposed to be a playful fragrance, but its playful like Lara Flynn Boyle in Wayne's World. NO spice, not yet (and sorry but I'm not going to wait for it, not while its like this)

Horrid. Really really horrid.

*goes to scrub off*


*goes to scrub some more*

I may end up like Lady Macbeth by the end of the morning.

*scrubs and sniffs*

Actually, when tempered with Snow Showers from Lush its almost bearable, I think that's just given it the orangey/spicey tang it was missing.

Still, if I have to layer a Dior perfume with anything to temper it, then the original fragrance just ain't doing its job properly...

If you like floral fabric softener and want to smell of clean clothes, then this is the perfume for you, without a doubt. Personally, I prefer something a little more interesting, and yes, dirtier...

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  1. Too funny! A friend works for Givaudan and give me samples all the time. This particular one almost made me sick. I had to immediately shower and it still didn't come off. Great blog, btw! My current favorite is Jo Malone's dark amber & ginger lily.....though, it's Spring now, so I am in search for a lighter scent.