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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Review - Fracas (Robert Piguet)

Originally posted at Dreamwidth on February 24, 2010.

Top Notes
Bergamot, Mandarin, Hyacinth, Green notes.

Heart Notes
Tuberose, Jasmine, Orange Flower, Lily of the valley, White iris, Violet, Jonquil, Carnation, Coriander, Peach, Osmanthus, Pink geranium.

Base Notes
Musk, Cedar, Moss, Sandalwood, Orris, Vetiver, Tolu balsam.

First thought, oh this must be something Beth from BPAL loves, because damn if I don't have things that smell this good already...

Followed by ARG! Lillies!!!!

I knew Fracas had lily of the valley as a note so I was expecting this, but I'm hoping that it's not too grannyish on me. It is quite soapy though and I get none of the peach (not a suprise, that's a recurring issue with my skin chemistry).

Also I get a BIG hit of buttery tuberose, which makes me very happy. The hyacinth is noticeable too, but not the mandarin, peach or violet. I'd say that's again more to do with my skin than anything else.

Damn but I love this. As yet I'm not getting too much Yardley on me. However it also feels like my skin is eating this up very quickly. It will be interesting to see how long this lasts on my skin.

After another 10 minutes this is shouting TUBEROSE in the same way the little Golden Wonder Jungle Fresh man used to shout PEANUTS. But oh my word I love it. Not as an every day scent, that could get tiresome for everyone, but for now and again? Wow.

(This makes me happy as my last few reviews have either been scathing or "meh" which must be awfully dull reading!)

After an hour, it's nowhere near as shouty but still buttery warm tuberose and powder. Surprisingly though, no cedar or sandalwood as yet. Occasionally I'll get a whiff of all the garden flowers in the heart notes. I can't believe how much this has softened, I *almost* want the shouty tuberose to come back and play. I think I need to revisit Beyond Love by Kilian. I wasn't sure about that one when I tried it, but I keep going back to how it smelled and maybe I was wrong about tuberoses not being for me. Matt will just have to deal, he was a bit "meh" about the Kilian.

This is a bit of a goddess scent, one that I'd wear, happily, to bed. That could be because of the powder, which is always a winner for nighttime. In fact, the more I think about it, the more this is a dirty flirty scent. Probably not good for the office, but great for a hot date or even just to get you in the mood. I think the musk and vetiver have kicked in, there is something really quite civet-y about this, which on other skins could turn quite pissy. Personally I love it, but then I am a dirty birdie...

(It also occurs to me that this is why I shouldn't review fragrances I adore, I'm either tongue-tied or ridiculously verbose).

Anyway, yes, Fracas = lovely tuberose, not *too* pricey, little bit dirty, you should track it down.

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