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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Capsule Reviews - Insolence & Classique X

Originally posted at Dreamwidht on February 08, 2010.

Insolence EDT (Guerlain)
Insolence is a floral fruity fragrance with top notes of violet, raspberry, and red fruit pulp; middle notes of violet, rose and orange blossom; and base notes of iris, tonka bean, musk and sandalwood. it is an eau de toilette, edt, and was created by Maurice Roucel.

Like having a parma violet stuck up each nostril for hours.
Eventually mutes down to a nice sandalwood musk, but the violets are still hanging around with dangerous intent. A very young scent, (my 9 year old adores it), but on my skin at least just faaaaaar too many sweeties and not enough Guerlain history.

Classique X (Jean-Paul Gaultier)

Mandarin and Bergamot

Orange Blossoms and Peony

Vanilla and Iris

Very sharp peony note on first hit, very strong alcohol whiff too. The bergamot is very well hidden, sitting so close to the skin you may need a scaple blade to release it. As per usual I get no mandarin or orange blossom, but skin just damps it to nothingness.

Peonies always seem a bit of a "meh" flower to me, but this is really quite nice. Not as much fun as Madame X which is bonkers plastic orange fun, but this is pretty, not too shouty and a little flirty. Certainly a little more sophisticated than I was expecting from JPG.

It decends nicely into a vanilla/iris hit. This is both pretty and unremarkable, a good workday perfume, if little else.

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