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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Review - Organza Indecence re-issue (Givenchy)

Originally posted on Dreamwidth on January 6th 2010

From the Givenchy website
Fragrance:Woody Spicy.
Reedition of the original fragrance / Contrasted, velvety yet untamed, the fragrance is built around Jacaranda wood, cinnamon and patchouli. Highly addictive and distinguished, Organza Indécence remains a reference of warm, timeless feminine sensuality.

Top: Cinnamon, Tangerine
Heart: Jacaranda Wood, Plum
Base: Amber, Patchouli

First impression, fruity musk, almost chocolate-y. Very warm, very very nice. Almost immediately I love it. After a couple of minute. WOAH, this is a big scent, not terribly subtle, but really good. It was only then that I looked at the notes for this - oops, that patchouli would be what I thought was musk, idiotic woman. I realise that chocolate-y smell is actually a HYUGE vanilla with the cinnamon resting behind it.

This seems to be the perfect scent for a snow day like today, with the warmth and depth (if not the smell) of hot chocolate. After a couple of hours its still very vanilla-y, but the tangerine top note also comes through very faintly. (I suspect my skin eats up orange scents until they're nothing more than a whisper). After 2 hours it is still very similar to the first spray.

Sniffing again, I realise that the vanilla note is very similar to the one in BPAL's Liz scent (Hellboy LE), but slightly less sweet, possibly tempered by the tangerine top note. That patchouli that I got a huge whiff of at the start has also retreated quite substantially, nothing is overpowering here, but dear gods its GOOD. Like wrapped up in cashmere in front of an open fire.

Eventually it just fades down to a more and more quiet vanilla. Still clear on my skin after 6 hours though, and if you get up *really* close that top note of tangerine is still there.

This is a glorious winter scent, that becomes softer as the day goes on, but never any less charming. Cheapest price for a full bottle that I could find was here, but you can always get a sample from here. I’m not planning on buying any large bottles this year, but a full bottle of this will go on my Christmas Wishlist for 2010. Definitely worth investigating if you like vanilla or foodie scents.

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