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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Review - Attitude (Giorgio Armani)

Originally posted on Dreamwidth on March 02, 2010.

Top notes: Calabria lemon and coffee absolute
Middle notes:Ceylan cardamom and lavender
Base notes:China cedar and Indonesian patchouli

OMG who stole my top notes? Neither the lemon nor coffee made it as far as my skin. Instead I get a great big hit of lavender and cardomom and an air of Grande Hotel and luggage that costs more than my laptop.

This is a gorgeous masculine with great staying power and sileage. I kept wondering who was it who smelt so gorgeous, and then realised it was me! If anything it's *too* masculine for me, which was something of a surprise, but this does hark back to classic men's scents like Aramis. The lavender and cardomom hang around for a surprising length of time, until it settles to a beautiful cedar and patchouli. It's not as cologne-y as you might expect, a throughly modern scent.

I wish the top notes had hung around a little longer for this one, but even without them, this is a lovely modern scent, that I could quite happily sniff on someone else, all day. Not quite right for me, but worth checking out and good value for money.

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