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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Review - Narciso Rodriguez for Her (EDT)

Originally posted at Dreamwidth on February 22, 2010.

Narciso Rodriguez for Her eau de toilette features notes of honey flower, solar musk, orange blossom, osmanthus, amberlyn, vanilla, tactile musk, tactile woods, and vetiver. A soft, musky, sensual fragrance

Ooh that's a lot of alchohol and then a HUGE whiff of honeysuckle. Lots of powder. This is a BIG floral and already I'm not convinced. This makes my nose itch and I can't help but wonder if the fault lies withm *me* as I know this is supposed to be a modern great.

Naturally I get NONE of the orange blossom which isn't helping, because something needs to temper this. This is actually setting my teeth on edge. Damn. I'm not getting soft and sensual out of this one.

I really want to scrub this off, but want to see how it dries down because the basenotes are all things I love.

If the Prince who rescued Sleeping Beauty had hack his way through honeysuckle rather than roses, this is the smell it would produce.

But then something weird happens after an hour. WOOSH the floral retreats leaving a very soft, pretty, floral vanilla musk.
Thing is I have plenty of soft vanilla musks and none of them have such a hyper first hit.

Suddenly I see where the "soft sensual" bit of the advertising copy comes from. This is quite lovely but only if you love honeysuckle to within an inch of its life. My skin amps the floral and squashes the citrus too much for me to ever wear this. Think this would work well for tweet pal Gailoh though, who has far fewer issues with wild flowers than I do...

You can get samples on ebay fairly regularly, and if you like your big florals, I would recommend it. Just not for me, not ever, ever ever....

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