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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Capsule Review - L'Eau Ambreé (Prada)

Notes of rose de mai and amber, vanilla, citron, opoponax, patchouli

I've tried to review this fragrance three times now. Yesterday I got as far as making these notes:

Faint hint of citron wet, as it dries it opens out to a curious rose. Very soft and powdery, very understated. An evening scent, for close wear rather than a morning scent. Bad choice for me today, this won't wake me up, it makes me want to snuggle under the covers with Matt. Cosy sensuality more than anything else. It's lovely and will be interesting to see how or indeed if it progresses through the day....

After that, nothing. And it was the same the last time I wore it, AND when I reapplied it last night. But be assured L'Eau Ambreé isn't dull, instead it's incredibly subtle and soft. Not a "rip all your clothes off" dirty, but warm and sensual in a "come to bed and lets see what happens" kind of way.

I kind of love the way it's so understated, the fact that I don't end up sniffing my wrist every ten seconds. And while I probably wouldn't buy a bottle of it, I can see me using the rest of the sample as a nighttime scent.

You may possibly have been put off by the frankly terrible advert:

Don't be, it's fab :D

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