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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Comfort Scents for Uncomfortable Times

Ayala Sender over at Smelly Blog tasked a number of perfume bloggers with the meme of listing their favourite scents for times of strife and need for comfort.

Hey, I'll happily gack any meme that makes me happy and allows me to talk about perfume, so here is my list.

Shalimar Eau de Cologne (Guerlain)
I have a vintage bottle of this (made in late 80s at the very latest) in one of these bottles (but not the glass stopper) and for the longest time it just sat on a shelf because I didn't think I should use it. Pish tush! Such idiocy. I love the warm powder of this scent, and while it probably shouldn't be, this is fast turning into my "schlubbing about" scent, for times when I want to feel safe, loved and warm. Yes, I'm wearing it right now... ;)

La Petit Mort (Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab)
Another beautiful warm powdery scent, and another one I wear at bedtime. It's deliciously post-coital, snuggled up in warm sheets. Not a filthy scent, just a satisfied one.

Organza Indecence (Givenchy)
Ah Indecence, how I love you. It's like being wrapped in cashmere, in front of a warm fire, drinking really good hot chocolate. While Shalimar and La Petit Mort speak quietly of sensual pleasures, Indecence is more like your best friend giving you a well needed hug.

Beyond Love By Killian
This is my confidence without being overstated scent. I wear it to meetings when I need a little lift, but don't want my perfume to be louder than my presentations. I also wear it to bed... Oh tuberose soliflore, never leave me, you may be damn expensive, but you make me feel so good, so often.

Do go and see what other perfume bloggers have chosen for their scents, it makes interesting and heartening reading.. :D

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