For some reason, I had the bonkers idea to sniff, sample and review as many perfumes as I can in 2010....

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Apology to a flower

Dear Iris,
I'm so sorry I've misjudged you. I thought you'd be a ghastly floral, that my skin would amp irises like lillies, so that I'd smell like a little old lady.

I was wrong. So very very wrong. I know this now thanks to Bois D'Iris and 28 La Pausa, both of which are a joy in very different ways.

Though you are a damned expensive flower and root, I promise I will not shun you, but I will hunt down other scents that are as unexpectedly pretty.

I am your humble servant


Too much? Well maybe, but 28 La Pausa is a wonderful scent of solely iris root. It starts with a surprisingly citrus top note, then relaxes into a wonderful creamy floral. Far more glamorous that I was expecting and really REALLY lovely. Be warned, it's part of Chanel's Les Exclusifs range so not cheap, but worth grabbing a sample of, without doubt.

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