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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Review - La Reine Margot (Les Parfums Historiques)

LA REINE MARGOT, celebrates the amatory career of Catherine de’ Medicis’s younger daughter, the beautiful Queen of Navarre. Margot was the sister-in-law of our own Marie Stuart of Scotland. A majestic, indulgent, utterly ‘femme fatale’ of a perfume. A sumptuous arrangement of tuberoses, jasmine, leather, golden amber and vetiver.


Yes you could say that La Reine Margot is a wee bit shouty at the start. Big galumphing jasmine with the tuberose popping it's head above the parapet every once in a while. But oh! What jasmine and tuberoses. What is it about this glowing white florals that makes me so happy bearing in mind my love of "dirty" scents? Seriously if anyone can recommend me a dirty tuberose I'll be in hog heaven. (Actually I think this will fit the bill nicely, and so will be getting some very VERY soon...)

All silliness aside, this is a lovely floral, that descends into a surprisingly quiet drydown of leather and vetiver that sits very close to the skin. If you inhale deeply the tuberose is still there, with the sharpness of vetiver occasionally catching you off guard. In the bottle this seems completely unremarkable, yet on my skin it's great fun. I'm not sure yet if it's a keeper, trying to temper my love of the film with a rational response to the perfume, but it's hard.

I've only found samples available here and it may well be that Les Senteurs is the only place in the UK you can get this. Certainly it's a wee bit off the beaten track, there are very few reviews of this. 

Worth a look if you're white floral obsessed or like quiet leathers in your basenotes.

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