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Sunday, 14 March 2010

The insane wishlist

Originally posted on Dreamwidth on February 25, 2010

Dear me...

My BPAL wishlist is about 25 imps at the moment. Good news is that in the past few months I've sold or just given away 30 imps. So it's balancing out. Ish. I'm no longer just buying BPAL for the hell of it, but looking for specific notes. So that's a good smart thing...

However the Non-BPAL list is starting to look very scary indeed.

Of things I've already tried I want bigger bottles of:

A Taste of Heaven - By Killian - My review is here.

Back to Black - By Killian My review is here

Vetiver Bourbon - Miller Harris My review is here

Feuilles de Tabac - Miller Harris (decant from The Perfumed Court should be on it's way) My review is here

Rose en Noire - Miller Harris

Fracas - Robert Piguet My TUBEROSE review is here.

Champagne - Yves Saint Laurent (had a bottle a lifetime ago, want to get small sample for old times sake)

And then there are the scents I want to try but the samples are rarer than hen's teeth:

Acqua Di Cuba - Santa Maria Novella (recommended by Katie Puckrick after I revealed my love of Feuilles de Tabac AND Back to Black)

Cannabis Rose  and Cannabis Santal both by Fresh (because I'm really curious as to what they smell like on my skin). Both of these on their way currently.

L'Air De Rien - Miller Harris (because it's supposed to be pure filth!)

Carnal Flower - Frederic Malle (another tuberose, which I'm a bit obsessed by at the moment)

Tonka Imperiale EDP - Guerlain (because tonka, om nom nom, and the heavily marketed newer Guerlain's depress me)

Cumming The Fragrance (not because I am twelve, although that too... but because the notes look fab and right up my street).


The Perfumed Court is getting a lot of my hard-earned over the next few months....Thank GOD for the 5ml bottle of Organza Indecence I got from ebay, eh? (Review here).

Edited to add: This post currently lists the original DW reviews. I'll amend the links soon, all the reviews are here too. Carnal Flower and L'Air De Rien are both now in my posession, one's a keeper, one not so much...

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  1. Just tweeted you to see if you would like to do some sample-size swaps. I've got lots at the moment.

    By the way - tried the Cannabis Rose and it's really lovely. My husband brought a sample home. Will be interested to hear what you think about it.