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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Review - Flora (Gucci)

Originally posted over at Dreamwidth on February 04, 2010.

Citrus mandarin accords

Osmanthus flower

Pink pepper

First hit astringent peony, lots of white flowers, soapy. On the drydown there is also a slight vanilla note, very close to the skin. Strange because vanilla isn't listed as a note, sniffing again, maybe it's just the sandalwood with the peony throwing me off. Strange, but to be honest it's so minimal that it doesn't really matter.

So what we have here is a light, pretty, powderly flor....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Wha? Huzupf? Sorry, I dozed off for a moment.

It's a perfectly good pretty floral with a nice drydown, nothing that makes me want to swing from a chandalier or sing hallelujahs in it's name. But it's nice, unremarkable, inoffensive day wear perfume. I'm guessing that on other people you get some of the citrus too, which would be fab if my skin didn't eat it up for breakfast.

I have to say Faun and I tried this on a paper strip at the weekend and were in awe of how lovely it was. So my damning with faint praise may be a little unfair. It's certainly better than J'Adore if you were wondering.

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