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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Review - Ricci Ricci (Nina Ricci)

Originally posted on Dreamwidth on January 7 2010

Glamourous and audacious, Ricci Ricci embodies a new urban heroine in the Parisian and sophisticated universe of Nina Ricci. Her power lies in her ribbon she plays with to colour and beautify the world with fantasy and poetry.


Ricci Ricci is a fresh and sensual floral built around the Beauty of the Night flower.
Full of contrasts, the fragrance is easy-to-wear, branded and extremely feminine. It is designed for an optimistic and self-confident woman.
Daring, the sparkling top notes of Rhubarb and Bergamot bring a modern freshness. The middle note is floral, glamourous and feminine. It is built around the Rose Centifolia and the Indian Tuberose, and is enhanced by the Beauty of the Night, a unique and mysterious flower that reveals Ricci Ricci’s personality. Sensual and elegant, the base note comes with warm, deep notes of Patchouli Fraction and Sandalwood.

Remember all those perfume ads you see over Christmas, how many times have you watched one and thought "who buys perfume based on an ad?".

Psst, don't tell anyone, but I got the sample for this scent, solely because of the ad....

On first sniff - sweet floral...

That tuberose is immense filling my nose, throat and lungs, but there is a fruity sweetness to it that I guess has to be attributed to the rhubarb zest (seriously?). Immediate thought is that this needs only the tiniest drop, otherwise its completely overpowering. It smells how you think perfume ought to smell, what my 5 year old self would think that all perfume should smell like. That doesn't mean it's simplistic or unsubtle, more that it excels at what it wants to achieve.

The sandlewood is lovely, I keep getting flashes of it as it tries to tame these immense roses, but I wonder if this is too floral, too young for me. However, the main issue I have with this straight away is that its gone straight to my throat, I can almost taste it, and thats not good. I wonder if this says more aboutmy body chemistry/nose than the perfume itself, but right now I feel like I've been sucker punched. Dear lord I want to love this, but its one of those perfumes it would be easy to hate if you were caught in a lift with someone who'd splashed it all over.

I've realised I like my roses to be less rose-y to be honest. BPAL's The Rose is a fantastic fragrance because it also has the green smell of cut stems. Nearly 2 hours after putting this on and its still like sitting in a bath tub filled to the brim with petals. Which is fine,but I'd like that to ease off now. Sniffing my wrist again, I get the briefest whiff of patchouli but its so subtle against the wall of rose.

After several hours the sandlewood comes to the forefront and the rose starts to recede (thank god) and this becomes a fragrance that I really want to wear. Now as a rose and sandlewood blend its far more interesting. I fell that I should give it another chance at a later date, putting just the tiniest microdot on to see how it develops.

If you like big flirty roses with a backbone, this is definitely for you. As the day progresses it feels less like a scent for someone in their early 20s and more everywoman. Currently not something I'd want to wear on a daily basis, but interesting enough to have piqued my attention and want to wear again.

You can buy Ricci Ricci here and samples are easily obtainable via ebay.

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