For some reason, I had the bonkers idea to sniff, sample and review as many perfumes as I can in 2010....

Sunday, 14 March 2010

vintage perfume is an addiction I cannot afford...

Originally posted at Dreamwidth January 20, 2010

See this pretty thing? Full of Shalimar by Guerlain?

Guess who won an almost full bottle of it on ebay yesterday? For just under 20 quid...

The last time these bottles were made was in the 70s, which means its pre-EU nonsense too.

This on top of the L'Air Du Temps bottle from last week.

Now I can justify both of these purchases a bit by pointing out that both were made before the EU started their stringent regulations on fragrance. L'Air Du Temps has definitely changed in recent years, and it would be interesting to see what differences there are between my recent EDP of Shalimar and this bottle

But seriously the Shalimar has to be the last purchase for a while. I have 33 fragrances ready to review, along with a whole slew of BPAL that I have barely even sniffed. It's been too easy, every time I've been down in the past month, to just pop onto ebay and splash another fiver on samples.

So, no looking at vintage perfumes and buying them in case they don't come up again. No more trawling ebay for interesting samples. (Sorry Le Feu d'Issey, I may never smell you after all). NO MORE BPAL even though the Valentine's scents have just been released and some of them look amazing.

Similarly, once I've gone through all the BPAL it will be time to destash. The whole point of year of perfume was to learn more about fragrance and discipline myself to write on a daily basis. NOT bankrupt myself.

If I look like I'm straying from this resolute path, give me a poke, please...

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