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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Review - Jasmin Noir (Bvlgari)

Top Notes
Green sap, Gardenia.

Middle Notes
Sambac jasmine absolute, Satin almond notes.

Base Notes
Precious woods, Tonka bean absolute, Licorice.

I will admit that when this arrived I was very cautious about it, rememebering how much I *hated hated hated* BLV II. And indeed the first spray had an alcohol roundhouse kick that left me reeling.

However, within seconds I was revelling in a beautiful jasmine and woods smell, sweet and powdery, a little bit foodie (that will be the tonka bean) but delicious, not cloying.
The gardenia is very subtle and a little sharp. This is actually really really nice. I'm not sure why I'm so surprised, it was recommended by Katie Puckrickwhich means at the very least it was worth a sniff.

I'm liking this a LOT, mainly because I'm starting to realise that actually all florals are NOT bad and that when, like here, they have super woody basenotes, then they are actually very me.

Also, can I just mention how MUCH I love the design of the bottle of this one?

About 15 minutes after spraying it, it felt like all the jasmine had whooshed away, leaving me a little bereft. HOWEVER, I do have bit of a cold at the moment, so rather than damning it in perpetuity, I left it alone, didn't respray and didn't worry about it.

Amazingly, that was the right thing to do because now, nearly 6 hours after I first sprayed it, I'm still catching wafts of jasmine and woods. KP referred to it as having "something the teens go crazy for" and I'm not sure I quite catch that. Would I wear it again? Yes, definitely. Would I buy a full bottle, probably not design lust notwithstanding. However, if it appeals be assured buying a bottle won't break the bank.

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