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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Capsule Reviews - Lubatti Bath Oil & Do Son

Continuing the search for the perfect tuberose

Pure Indulgence Bath Oil Tuberose & Mimosa (Lubatti)

A sweet, enchanting and intoxicating fragrance. Lubatti’s Pure Indulgence Bath Oil, infused with Tuberose & Mimosa, will leave your skin feeling silky-smooth and gorgeously fragrant.

These are fleshy, almost overripe tuberoses with a hint of green. The bath oil is excellent, very well frangranced and long lasting, and can just be used to rub into your skin post-shower. The overall effect is beautifully relaxing and a little does go a long way....

Which is just as well as the RRP for this is £24 a pop. It's nice, but not that nice. I got mine from ebay for a tenner less, and am using it at such a rate of knots, that it's ridiculous. Worth it as a special treat though.

Do Son (Diptych)
A gorgeous floral blend of tuberose, orange tree leaves, roses, benzoin, iris, and white musk.

This is a pale, green tuberose, similar in tone to Carnal Flowe, if not in longevity. It has none of the bright, buttery, shininess that I associate with Beyond Love or Fracas, and as such, I don't love it. But, if you don't want that WHOMP TUBEROSE! effect then this may well be for you. Layered with the Lubatti bath oil, it has reasonable staying power too. While I don't love it, it is far less intimidating than other tuberose scents, and is certainly cheaper.

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